Innovation and development projects: a business anthropology perspective

Throughout the years we have worked with dozens of organizations, assisting them in understanding a specific conjuncture, external and internal, and being pivots and reference points for projects that were about change and doing something different in essence.  With every client and associate, with every team we have been a part of, we have understood the art […]

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There’s actually a methodology to test your product / service in a potential target market

The key word is test. There’s a sweet-spot between paying a lot of money for marketing and consumer research in a foreign market, including risk assessment and opportunity and cultural costs, and finding a distributor who will open up the market for you.  If you’ve paid for such research more than once, you might already know […]

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Holistic Project Management

  Holistic Project Management is a specific approach to the Project Management Sciences.  While Project Management in general tends to be sensible to different actors’ perspectives and different levels of risk, our holistic methodology has been designed by the following principles: 1- It is guided by the ethics of Quality of Life: in particular, we […]

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Independents and Independence

There is enormous value in the ethics of independence and independents.  In fact, we lose opportunity for not knowing how to harness that value and deploy it to the global community.  Recent developments have made this task more feasible.  The emergence of the freelance community, coworking spaces, professionalization of the middle-class, a society that is open […]

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