So You’re Employed But Keep Thinking About a Personal Business Idea

Let me guess: either you’re one of them or you’re close to one of them.  One of the millions who have accomplished so much for their organizations who now and then, or persistently, hear that voice in their heads telling them they should give it a go with that idea they’ve dreamt about for so long.

But with your hands full with so many responsibilities with your job and your family, plus all the other extras like staying fit and social… Who has the time and energy?

Let me tell you something I learned in my over a decade of experience managing research, development, innovation and change projects for plenty and quite diverse local and multinational firms.  When a company decides that they need a change, or the owners are looking for new opportunities to invest in, say to open a new business line or develop a new product, the main scarcity they tend to have is:…?  TIME. Because, obviously, if they had they time they’d do it themselves.

By now we’re all very aware of the drill and the main conflict that exists between running a business and managing change and innovation.  Sometimes it’s impossible to have both, basically because of time and other resources.  Hence, management or the BOD determines after a diligent assessment whether producing those resources needed for change and innovation will be worthwhile to go out of their way and actually pursuing the idea.

So, like within an organization, the process ought to begin with assigning the project to an accountable party, in charge of administering the information and resources once the project owner or owners have defined the ethics, vision and specific objectives designed to achieve success.  First, interdisciplinary research and evaluation.  Make a recommendation, get a buy-in, and off to design and deploy.

The same principles apply to individuals, couples and groups who have multiple ongoing projects and responsibilites yet nonetheless want or need to engage in a new ordeal, within or outside their primarial productive organization.

I see it every month with successful executives completely given in to their corporations, with young couples starting out figuring out their meaningful path; with households with kids about to graduate figuring out what to do with their upcoming earned extra-time and energy.

Meanwhile, I’m also always coming around with investors looking for something outside real estate, wanting to give their patrimony a push with a little bit more, yet controlled risk.

My path as an academic studying Quality of Life, corporate decision making and the relationship between the different forms of capital, and my decade-long and fortunate-enough experience managing growth and change projects for the private sector in such diverse environments have brought me to the place I am today.  Everything has materialized in a very specific protocol and formula.  A market place for ideas and energy from such people, our holistic methodology to empower and organize them and a final setting for investors interested in the type of projects that are personal, meaningful, scalable, accountable and sustainable.

I’m always available to discuss ideas and get to know talents in business and the cultural world.