Welcome to my site.  You will find here an autobiographic approach to the ongoing creative and productive process that is my career as an artist, a digitalist, and a caphacker.

Self Portrait – 2014

I intend to be a self-aware human being.  I have been curious and disciplined enough to construct such self-awareness into self-determination voluntarily.  All the pieces have been falling into place.  Trial and error, experimentation, motivation, love, identity, brotherhood, family, and heritage.  Quite a heavy and dense ordeal, very time-consuming and often frustrating.  It has all been a part of a decision-making process that has taken me to experience great humanity and value.

And while this has been the intention, I cannot but reflect that I have always been at the mercy of providence. And so much more has been motivated by intense desire and passion.

At heart, I am, first, a man of my family.  Such a journey has led me to grasp all of the building blocks of my existence, in understanding that to be such a man, to earn spiritual content, and leave a valuable legacy to my generations, my life’s work is unpure gratitude through creativity.  

This process has not been self-evident.  

I am an advocate for liberty and self-determination. I love my children dearly, and I am creating a beautiful and healthy environment for them to celebrate and endure the gift of life.

I thank you for your interest in my work.


JD – August, 2022

David Rico