There’s actually a methodology to test your product / service in a potential target market

The key word is test.

There’s a sweet-spot between paying a lot of money for marketing and consumer research in a foreign market, including risk assessment and opportunity and cultural costs, and finding a distributor who will open up the market for you.  If you’ve paid for such research more than once, you might already know that even if it is helpful, it is by no means a guarantee of success, even when it assesses it has viability in such a market.  And this is by no means a disregard for conducting disciplined market and risk research prior to deploying an investment.  On the contrary, it is a to doing it, but a presentation of how it should be done.

Distributers are great for large firms who have already achieved sustainability and icon status at home and even abroad.  But as you may know if you’ve dealt with distributers, they tend to have the upper hand and enough leverage to affect your decision making process when you’re decided to take a dive into a market.

Now, what if you’re starting out and your idea has great potential but it’s just not right for that specific setting and time?  You’d be surprised at how many awesome ideas render obsolete for this reason, because they were launched in an infertile, unready cultural setting.

Our years of experience testing foreign ideas in new markets have produced insight into some best practices to assist a company in testing a product, service or project in a different cultural realm.  It’s a specific product launch pilot, with all the infrastructure to gain formal research insight based on real, tangible testing, without the necessity of going all the way with your investment.

Our team helps companies give their products and services a real test while giving them the assessment and feedback that will increase their chance of success.  If you’ve always wanted to try an idea in a foreign market give us a call.  Right now we’re focusing on the Americas region.