Holistic Project Management


Holistic Project Management is a specific approach to the Project Management Sciences.  While Project Management in general tends to be sensible to different actors’ perspectives and different levels of risk, our holistic methodology has been designed by the following principles:

1- It is guided by the ethics of Quality of Life: in particular, we use the language of the culture and economics of quality of life, as an added value to classic and modern economical terms related to success and development.

2- It is a build-up conception of creativity, in contrast to trickle-down or central planning, public-policy approaches.

3- It is focused in data, info-management and automatization of processes -where suitable-, but engages actors in the network from a QOL perspective in value exchange.

Our methodology is specially useful when professionals from different cultures are involved, or when a project has potential direct and indirect impact in different types of communities.


Source: http://holistics.international/holpub/holistic-project-management/