Project Evaluation for Independent Entrepreneurs at Early Stage

One of the most common conversations I have with people in a social setting is about a business idea they’ve been dancing around for months and years.  There is an incredible amount of value to be harnessed and exploited in every one of them.

There are, of course, different levels of complexity in terms of business requirements for success, starting with leadership, traction, and momentum. At an early stage, an independent entrepreneur is all about energy.  At that, I’ve always tried to assess the importance of harnessing that energy by organizing every resource and effort through a strategic notion of task completion and a long-term directional perspective.  What I want to elaborate on here briefly is that this is something in which you can get help.

There are usually two types of motivational voices when starting a project: your voice from within and the people around you.  The conservative voice will recommend you get started without leaving your actual productive activity and will probably remind you about “the bird in your hand vs. the birds in the bush.”  This type of assessment is noble and should always be taken seriously.

Meanwhile, others will encourage risk-taking and adventure, reciting their epic poem about making it in this world, taking chances, living life to the fullest, and how successful people have gotten where they are.  They, too, are noble and necessary voices to be listened to with attention.

This decision-making process, defined in the end by risk aversion, is the same in professional settings like corporations and investors.  The difference between the latter two and an independent-to-be entrepreneur is, apart from the availability of resources, how the decision-making process is institutionalized and professionalized -sometimes more efficiently than others-.

Some independent-to-be entrepreneurs are lucky enough to have capable friends and family who can serve them as professional advisers. Yet, even then, a neutral, outside voice is helpful to help entrepreneur design their path to success and take the first steps to accomplish it.

If you have a business or creative idea and would like to talk it through, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I have reviewed and assessed more than 100 projects, many of which are now a reality at local and international levels.

Now, if you’re past the motivational filter and have already decided to get on board with your project and have already taken some of the first steps, our incubator program might also come in handy to you.  You can find in our team stationed in South Florida efficient and swift support to take your project to an internationally competitive level.

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