Holistics – Insight the Culture

There is incredible potential in seriously engaging in understanding, portraying and creating culture.

Culture is a force.

It is a force that channels that which is social into the individual and that which is individual into the social realm.  That, by itself, is the main justification of education and how it is related to a specific culture.  And that is, also, the main reason why the arts are related to culture too.

Culture is the realm of study of anthropologists.  The history of anthropological research and ethnological production is very rich and profoundly tied to Western civilization in a very special way.  Anthropology as a discipline began as a strategic attempt to understand other cultures, specially the most exotic ones.  The most profound effect it had, was helping us understand better and better who we were as Europeans, Americans, city-dwellers, bourgeois-folk, and so on.

By understanding ourselves in relation to others and others in relation to ourselves, it turned out to be easier to define certain aspects of our lives and our minds.  Since the main focus of the anthropologist is material culture, symbols and everyday life as seen in routines, habits and special commemorations and the colors they take, anthropology as a science, and ethnological research as a tool, turned out to be quite pragmatic and useful in many instances.  Culture is that force that channels that which is social into the individual, and that which is individual into the social realm.

Economics is the art of measuring resources and a strategic attempt to allocate them adequately, given the reality of our Natural world and our condition as human beings.

There is so much going on that can be understood and aprehended through the understanding of culture and economics, that many organizations and institutions have understood the value of creating opportunities based on the realization of this specific relationship and these specific languages: the language of culture and the language of economics.

Holistics started out in 2008 as a conversational attempt to cross disciplinary boundaries in a specific environment as is Latin America.  We have had the opportunity to refine the tools, methods and language in our interdisciplinary proposal with amazing corporations and communities who have understood the value of our proposal from the beginning.

Holistics continues to produce insights in the Americas, with new projects in the US and the UK, using everything we learned in our almost ten year experience of understanding, designing and impacting organizations, customers and communities.

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