Welcome to my personal site.  You will find here an autobiographic approach to the ongoing creative and productive process that is my career as an artist, an athropologist and an economist.

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I have been endowed with the most essential of responsibilities: self awareness.  And I have been curious and disciplined enough to voluntarily construct such self awareness into self determination.  All the pieces have been falling into place.  Trial and error, experimentation, motivation, love, identity, brotherhood, family and heritage.  Quite heavy and dense an ordeal, very time consuming and in many an occasion frustrating to the least.  It has all been a part of a decision making process that has taken me to experience great humanity and great value.

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At heart I am, first a family man, a parent and a partner.  Yet such responsibility has led me to grasp one of the building blocks of my existence: the understanding that to achieve the ultimate, to earn spiritual content and leave a valuable legacy to my generations, my life’s work must focus on actual responsibility.  This was not self evident.  I too, after years of interdisciplinary training in private universities, was abstracted from pragmatism as many are, and induced into a sacrificial and guiltful paradigm of grandure through knowledge: salvation by truth. I am in such a sense a rogue soul as all of my work is guided by pragmatic principles of familiarity, patrimony, civility and quality of life.

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I am an advocate for liberty and self determination.

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I thank you for your interest and welcome you to entertain yourself with these manifestations of my humanity.


JDJuan David Rico